Making learning mathematics fun

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Learning mathematics is made fun with the Uyamak.

Uyamak editor allows you to design and simulate a mathematical model. It uses a pictorial way of design. Prepare your algorithm by connecting different blocks with the wires.

It is useful for students of all levels and researchers. We are actively developing this application to improve its functionality. Some parts of the website are incomplete, but please proceed to the app to try it yourself.

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At schools, students can learn to perform basic mathematical operations and trigonometric functions.


College students can practice their newly acquired knowledge in topics such as complex numbers, matrices, calculus, etc.


Solving differential equations, visualizing complex mathematical model is made easy with the Uyamak for the university students.


Researchers can test their algorithms by applying different integration methods.

How does it work?

Sneak peek under the hood

How does it work?

Uyamak uses javascript to identify the algorithm, which is the block diagram created by the user. It then prepares an execution-order and passes it to the simulation engine. The simulation engine then executes one block at a time.

Web workers are used for multi-threading to make sure the GUI is responsive during the execution of the simulation.

We are drafting a scientific article to present a detailed explanation of the working of the Uyamak. Once published, we would make it available here.

Online app Download app for windows


Uyamak interprets the user flowchart to prepare an execution order.


The simulation engine numerically evaluates each block and sends the results to the main window.


The main window thread displays the results at certain intervals to keep the GUI interactive.


In Uyamak, you can update the models on the fly. However, the changes to the connections won't affect the simulation.


What makes ఉ special


Uyamak is unique because you can use it on your school computer, laptop, or any other computer with internet access. All your code runs on your computer, so it doesn't require a fast internet connection.

Online app Download app for windows

OS independent

Uyamak runs on a browser, so no matter which operating system you are in, Uyamak comes in handy.

Instant access

You can instantly start it working without any need for downloading, installing, and doesn't need admin rights to run.

No coding

You don't have to code anything. It is all visual programming, which is as simple as drawing a block diagram.


You can download your program to your computer or save and share it on your Google Drive storage.

Support Uyamak

We need your help to improve

Support Uyamak

We do not use advertisements because it interferes with the app performance. Also, we don't want to charge a subscription fee because we want it to be freely available to all the students. We need support from generous users to spend more time to complete this project and improve it.

We plan to create a complete Uyamak ecosystem by including hardware support that is capable of running the algorithm in the realtime. We will update more details shortly.

You can support us by selecting any of the following options. We strongly recommend you to use GitHub Sponsors or Pateron because it makes the funds collected public instantly. However, once in a month, we will update the information here.

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Contact us

We want to hear from you

Contact us

We welcome your comments, suggestions, questions, and complaints. Please note that SKGadi designed, coded, and tested Uyamak. However, without guidance from Antonio Concha, it would be impossible to achieve its accuracy. The Uyamak team is just two persons, so it may take some time to answer your concerns.

The following button to take you to the contact page of SKGadi. Please mention the word Uyamak in the subject to identify your area of interest.

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